I design and run workshops for everyone.

I run workshops which bring whole communities together by being accessible, inclusive and relaxed.

I have run workshops for children, adults and older people, for people with learning disabilities, for neurodiverse people, and for ex-offenders.
I have run workshops in community spaces, in schools, in care homes, in hospitals, at approved premises, during festivals, events and in my own space.

Below are some of the workshops I have designed and run.

My favourite thing is to design bespoke workshops which have never been run before, to inspire people and provide a new experience.

Myriad Studio

I run workshops under the name Myriad Studio.

I aim to run workshops that bring people together in a fun, relaxed and social environment to nurture their creative confidence and develop their skills. 

This video gives you a little insight into the workshops I have run in the past.

Bob Ross-along

This workshop gives you a chance to paint along with the late American artist Bob Ross. Bob Ross was an American artist who believed that everyone has an inherent artistic talent and could become an accomplished artist given time, practice, and encouragement, and to this end was often fond of saying, “We don’t make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.” During his TV show Bob Ross instructs viewers how to create an oil painting using a quick style which is broken down into simple steps.
During this workshop we stream the episodes on a big screen and give everyone the tools to paint-along with oil paint!
This is a ridiculously fun workshop. Not only is it a group effort as people try to keep up with Bob, but it gives people the chance to have a go at painting with oil paint!


I am the lead artist for a group of adults with additional needs. The group is part of the charity Whale Arts and it is called SmArtcraft.

We meet every-other-week to explore and develop the groups creativity. The sessions are designed with the group. We have explored painting, printing, animation and group work. This year we will be looking at more 3D processes.

Earlier this year I put up an exhibition of their work with the other SmArtcraft group.

Comissioned Workshops

Below are videos from an Art Attack workshop which brought people together to create a large scale artwork inspied by Cumbria, and a whole day drop-in Culture Train making workshop I ran for Multicultural Cumbria.

Walton Window Walk

I was commissioned by Walton Village Hall Management Committee with funding from William Milburn Trust, to run workshops to create window decorations.
It was a drop in workshop for the people from Walton Village to come and create images to put in their window. The theme was books so everyone chose a favourite book and with our help created stunning images on plastic to put in their widows. Villagers then enjoyed a walk of the village to see each other’s creations.

“I didn’t know I could do something that good” – participant