Community Projects

I design and run projects which bring people together creatively.

They are developed to strengthen communities and inspire people.

I often work with organisations and community groups to develop projects which meet their needs and objectives. 

Below are some of the projects I have designed and run. 

I enjoy creating unique, bespoke projects which inspire people to make change, evironmentally or socially. Which build skills and confidence. Which anyone get get involved in. Which everyone can enjoy.

Conversation with a Stranger

This community project invited members of the public to come to Winters Park Residential Home and spend 2 hours with one of the residents to share a conversation over tea and cake. In the 2 hours they were given the opportunity to hold hands in order to make a unique plaster cast of their embrace.

You never know were a conversation with a stranger will take you, it is a journey you take not knowing where it may lead, the effect it may have on you or those you are sharing the journey with. A conversation doesn’t have to be long, deep or emotional to be important and make a difference to someone’s day or even life. It is a journey that could just start with a smile and end up with a lifelong friendship.
The hand casts aim to present a physical reminder of the effects a conversation can have, the thoughts inspired remain solid and that even though the meeting has ended, the impression of the contact can still be felt.

Both the public and the residents who came found it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Anyone who had a negative opinion of care homes came away feeling much more positive about them.

Project Mayfly

Project Mayfly was a community art project which invited people to contribute to a large art installation by creating their own mayfly.

The installation was housed at The Rheged Centre in Penrith for over 18 month in which time over 2000 mayflies were made.

The project encouraged people from all over to take a moment to decorate a mayfly. Each person is asked to think of something they cherish, could be one thing, many things, a place, a person a memory, anything. Then to write it on their mayfly and decorate it to be added to the exhibition.

Mayflies are flying insects found all over the world. They are famed for their short adult life which in some species can be as short as a day, an hour or even a few minutes. Every moment is used wisely and is cherished.
We as people are guilty of too often letting moments pass without cherishing them. Maybe because we have too much to think about, that we are in a rush or maybe simply just forgot to. Creating art is a wonderful way to make you stop for a moment to relax and reflect on such moments.

Mayflies where created by people at Penrith Hospital, MHA Woodlands, Space2Create, Swarthdale Nursing Home, Lanercost House, Age UK Home Care Group – Wasdale Centre, Penrith Museum, Ashfield Primary School, Lakes College, BUPA Winters Park, Penrith Brownies, Carlisle College, with visitors over 1 week at The Rheged Centre and at Acorn Bank’s Apple Day. 

A Present from a Stranger

A Present from a Stranger is a project that I started in 2010 with the simple aim; to make a strangers smile.

Each year I give out handmade Christmas cards to strangers on the street with a present of a small amount of money inside (it has changed over the years, ranging from 50p to £10).
In each of the cards I explain that the money is theirs to do with what they like, but invite them to let me know whether it made them smile.
For the last three years the money in the cards have been donated by the public, businesses as well as myself.

“Hello Kat, yesterday at 14:05pm I was stopped by yourself and you friend on the corner of John street in Maryport, you asked if I would like a Christmas card which at first I was a bit sceptical about and even thought what’s the catch, however I accepted your card with a thank you, when I got home and opened the card it did make me smile, I think it’s a lovely thing that your all doing and I have decided to donate the money along with a little more from myself to a charity, as I think they may need it more than me, so thank you all very much and happy Christmas and a wonderful new year”

Recipient from 2018

“It made me smile with a tear in my eye thank u so much u beautiful stranger I will be able to get a little bit of for over Xmas so thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxx”

Recipient from 2017

“Hi, thank you very much for the card only just opened it as I left it on the side didn’t expect it to be the nice card it was. A lovely gesture bet not many people opened it cos people don’t seem to care these days. have a lovely Christmas Katarina”

Recipient from 2014

Ex-offender’s Salmon

I was commissioned to work with ex-offenders in a Approved Premises to create a large salmon puppet for the Carlisle City Council Puppet Pageant.

I worked with another artist and the ex-offenders over 10 sessions to design and create the puppet.

Doremi Residency

I was selected to be part of the Doremi Residency in 2018.

I produced a piece with children from the local school about climate change.

They made climate pledges on leaves which were attached to ant scuptures and exhibited at the Ruskin Museum in Conniston, Cumbria.