After over 6 years at Prism Arts it is time to move on.

I’ve had a tough time coming to terms with leaving, I knew when I moved to Edinburgh nearly 2 years ago that my time with Prism would be coming to an end, but knowing that hasn’t made it any easier. I have really loved being part of the Prism team! It is made up of amazing people who I will miss getting to see so regularly!

I have had the privilege of being part of Prism through big changes, challenges and wonderful celebrations, helping the amazing team shape it into the epic organisation it is today.

I have got to work in so many environments running things I never imagined I would, Cumbria wide theatre tours, epic art exhibitions, theatre in a nature reserve (Eycott Hill), big crowdfunders, 30-hour draw-along at the Old Fire Station, making a massive salmon puppet, plus much much more.

I have got to work with a ton of amazing people, some of whom I continue to work with and some of whom are now treasured friends.

I have loved witnessing the development of our participants into strong, confident artists. I will miss working with them dearly, but I guess now I can go see their work without worrying about whether we have enough photos or if everyone has everything they need or about gathering evaluation!

The team at Prism Arts over the years have taught me so much, they have given me opportunities to develop in directions I wanted and needed to. I am a much stronger and confident person thanks to them.

All the skills I have learnt I now get to share with another brilliant organisation, WHALE Arts in Edinburgh. They are a community led arts charity in Wester Hales, who do a lot of amazing things to bring the community together. I am so excited to join their team!

But of course, this isn’t goodbye to Prism Arts. I already have two trips planned to visit, and I am looking forward to seeing the exhibitions they have coming up very soon!

I will always be an advocate for them because the work they do is so important and wonderful!

Give their pages a follow, there is a super star running them now so you don’t wanna miss out! Find them on here – Prism Arts

p.s I have done such a good job of avoiding being in photos at Prism, these are the only ones I could find!! That’s the benefit of always being behind the camera 😃