Mayflies is an art installation which consists of a swarm of thousands of Mayflies cut out of white paper, each around 13 centimetres long from head to tail. They are individually attached directly to the walls of the space in a swarm-like formation. All the Mayflies were hand-cut by myself, meaning that each pair of Mayflies is unique.

All the venues I have exhibited Mayflies in have had their own unique aspects and feel to them. The exhibition at Rheged is the most ambitious so far, it contains over 5,000 Mayflies which is double the size of any of the others.

Mayflies are flying insects famed for their short adult life which in some species can be as short as a day, an hour or even a few minutes. Mayflies is exhibited in places that are often overlooked in an effort to encourage people to take time to experience a space that they may have ordinarily passed by without a thought.

I first started creating paper Mayfly installations in 2010 have since exhibited them in 8 places, each with hundreds or thousands of Mayflies made specifically for the venue.

12th June 2015 – Present, The Village Institute, Long Marton.
29th August 2014 – Present, St Andrews Church Penrith.
30th August 2014 – October 2015, The Rheged Centre.
27th August 2014– 5th November 2014, Penrith and Eden Museum.
26th August 2014 – 5th February 2015, Penrith Library.
25th August 2014 -31st January 2015, Penrith Tourist Information Centre.
18th June 2011 – 23rd June 2011, Central Saint Martins Degree Show. London.
15th November 2010 – 20th November 2010, Lorry Yard, Penrith.

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The Rheged Centre – Penrith

Village Institute – Long Marton

St Andrews Church – Penrith

Penrith and Eden Museum – Penrith

Penrith Library

Penrith Tourist Information Centre

Lift – Central Saint Martins, London

Lorry Yard – Penrith