Project Mayfly is a public art project I created. The project is inviting people to contribute to a large art installation by creating their own mayfly. The installation was housed at The Rheged Centre in Penrith for over 18 month in which time over 2000 mayflies were made. The installation came down on the 9th January 2016.

The project encouraged people from all over to take a moment to decorate a mayfly. Each person is asked to think of something they cherish, could be one thing, many things, a place, a person a memory, anything. Then to write it on their mayfly and decorate it to be added to the exhibition.

Mayflies are flying insects found all over the world. They are famed for their short adult life which in some species can be as short as a day, an hour or even a few minutes. Every moment is used wisely and is cherished.
We as people are guilty of too often letting moments pass without cherishing them. Maybe because we have too much to think about, that we are in a rush or maybe simply just forgot to. Creating art is a wonderful way to make you stop for a moment to relax and reflect on such moments.

Thank you to the many schools, care homes, businesses, groups and other organisations which held their own create a mayfly workshop!
Mayflies where created with Penrith Hospital, MHA Woodlands, Space2Create, Swarthdale Nursing Home, Lanercost House, Age UK Home Care Group – Wasdale Centre, Penrith Museum, Ashfield Primary School, Lakes College, BUPA Winters Park, Penrith Brownies, Carlisle College, with visitors at The Rheged Centre and at Acorn Bank’s Apple Day.

The project is now complete but the workshop materials are still free to download and use, visit the website to find out more