A Present from a Stranger is a project with the simple aim to make a strangers smile by giving them a Christmas Card with a present inside.

How would you feel if someone came up to you in the street and randomly gave you a Christmas Card?
I think I would feel wonderful!
Instead of waiting for somebody to give me a Christmas card, I decided to start giving them out!
Handmade Christmas cards with a present of a small amount of money inside.
In each of the cards I explain that the money is theirs to do with what they like, but that I would love to find out what they did with it and what their reaction was to the random little act of generosity.

Visit the website for more information – www.PresentFromAStranger.uk

“Happy New Year,
A year ago you stood in Penrith handing out Christmas Cards and gave one to me which made me smile. It may have felt like a little token of spreading Christmas cheer, an act of kindness or simply a way of satisfying your own curiosity but your one pound coin has turned into so much more for me. Here’s the story…
A year ago my long term partner and best friend left me. He is a good man, just didn’t love me anymore. It wasn’t an easy decision for him but broke my heart all the same. So when I say your card made me smile you may now see that smiles were in short supply at the time.
I thought long and hard about how to spend your one pound and it has sat on my mantelpiece all this time. In a move round this Christmas I found your card (which had been misplaced) and again it made me smile. Without meaning to your one pound coin has become a little reminder that there is kindness in the world, it reminds me everyday to be a good person and not to let life’s ups and downs make me bitter. It’s my little coin of sunshine and hope.
For that reason your pound coin will never get spent it will stay with me until someone I care about needs it more than me at which point I will pass it on with your card and a story.
Thank you for your gift, I love it and have probably needed it over the past year.
I’m sorry it’s taken a year to let you know what happened to it but I guess it has taken me a year to work it out!
May your 2016 sparkle for you!
Big hugs”

“Hi, just to let you know I donated the £1 to the victims of the Cumbria flooding – I thought it fitting to support a good local cause,

“Thank you for the fifty pence present in the beautiful card. It was handed to me by my boss the manager of a Mind shop, she said “I think this should be for you”. I am a volunteer who lives on benefits and was sent to work at Mind by the Jobcentre. I bought a pincushion from the Mind shop as my present, it is pretty, red velvet and satin with sequins. I need a pincushion because I spend a lot of time making dollies clothes for my grandchildren. The fifty pence will go toward Mind projects in Eden such as “The Befriending project” organising volunteers to help people with mental health problems, also to pay for information leaflets we keep in the shop about different mental health issues. So the answer to your question “Did it make me smile?” Yes, and there’s a good chance it will help many others smile in the future.
Merry Christmas, Happy New year.”