Project Pig is an art installation about intensive factory pig farming.

It was last exhibited in The Rheged Centre from the 10th Sept until the 14th Nov 2016 and was a 2.5m X 2.5m installation made up of 1023 small plaster of paris pig sculptures.
It will next be displayed as part of a pop-up gallery at Dalemain Historic House and Gardens from the 9th – 17th September 2017.

The pig sculptures in the installation are all uniquely deformed so that they all fit together, like they have all been crammed into a small space.
This piece asks, what happens to a real pig’s life, its pork and our world when real life pigs are crammed together?

Each pig is on sale to raise money for the charity Farms Not Factories.
Farms Not Factories is a non-profit organisation working through film-making and campaigning to support the ‘food sovereignty’ movement by exposing the true costs of cheap meat from animal factories in order to inspire people to only buy meat from local, healthy, high welfare farms.
Farms Not Factories believe that pork from animal factories carries five heavy costs:
• Threats to public health through antibiotic over-use
• Undermining of real farmers and rural economies
• Destruction of local environments, watercourses and precious ecosystems for feed production, and resource over-use
• Animal abuse through confinement, mutilation, exploitation, neglect and denial of natural behaviours
• The globalisation of our livestock system and the resulting loss of food sovereignty
They believe that factory farming of any species is wrong. Their focus on pigs is designed to bring to light an issue about which there is insufficient public awareness, using their specific expertise developed from years of film-making.
They work collaboratively with other groups who focus on other important areas of work – such as policy change, supporting producers and campaigning locally to provide content, support their work and spread a shared message through film.
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So far, the piece has raised a staggering £1000 for Farms Not Factories, Katarina would like to thank everyone who has bought a pig so far.

Want to own your own pig?
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