I am delving into the world of drawing people…

…well, not really drawing people but drawing people as creatures….and hoping they do not fall out with me! (always good to live life on the edge)

It is simple really – you send me a description of yourself with things like; what your favourite animal, food or plant is, what your likes and dislikes are, any special talents, good and bad characteristics about you and any other facts about you…
It is good if you think of these things yourself and also ask someone who knows you to do the same as this can create a good mix. I will then try and piece these random pieces of information together to create a creature!

This all started as a way of helping a crowdfunder I am running for Prism Arts – they are trying to raise £7,000 to take their next production ‘Shadow Tales’ on tour around Cumbria. 
Until the 20th July I am offering to draw you as a creature and send you a digital version of it for a £10 donation on their campaign – www.crowdfunder.co.uk/shadowtales
Prints and originals can also be bought if wanted, £25 per print, £50 for the original.

Due to their popularity I have decided to carry them on afterwards, but, it will be more expensive and you will have to buy the original….so if you want one I suggest you get on the Crowdfunder now!
Here is that link again in case you forgot it… www.crowdfunder.co.uk/shadowtales

This is the first one…I wonder if you can guess what was in their description (yes it was a mixed description from themselves and someone who knows them)….