A few weeks ago I started a Prism Arts project with another artist working with ex-offenders to create an ambitious salmon puppet to be part of the Carlisle Puppet Pageant, celebrating the haaf net fishing in the Solway. I have never worked with ex-offenders, nor have I made a large puppet, but I have had great training, and so it is so far going swimmingly… ;-D I am learning a lot about the justice system […]
Visit full website – www.ProjectMayfly.uk Project Mayfly is a public art project I created. The project is inviting people to contribute to a large art installation by creating their own mayfly. The installation was housed at The Rheged Centre in Penrith for over 18 month in which time over 2000 mayflies were made. The installation came down on the 9th January 2016. The project encouraged people from all over to take a moment to decorate […]
I was part of the project “Workshops in People’s Homes” in May 2016 which was a project developed by the arts organisation Abandon Normal Devices and Artist Joshua Sofaer. The program invited people to develop their own unique workshops to deliver to the public from their own homes. I chose to host mine at Winters Park Residential Home, the home of the residents. I worked with friend Marion Bruce to design and run the workshop which […]
A Present from a Stranger is a project with the simple aim to make a strangers smile by giving them a Christmas Card with a present inside. How would you feel if someone came up to you in the street and randomly gave you a Christmas Card? I think I would feel wonderful! Instead of waiting for somebody to give me a Christmas card, I decided to start giving them out! Handmade Christmas cards with […]
The Wishing Chair was a workshop I designed and ran for The Penrith Library (Cumbria) inspired by the Enid Blyton books about the wishing chair in 2012. The workshop encouraged the children to think of the adventure they would go on the wishing chair and given a square of fabric to draw this adventure on. I then transformed these drawings into a chair cover to be used in the library’s children’s area which is still […]