“A narrow, cupboard-like room has been entirely filled out with blankets, pillows and sheets. The light and colours invite the viewer to crawl into it. It is comfortable in there. I want to lie down and stay there. I feel safe. A colouring-in book and coloured pencils as well as sweets welcome me. I start eating the sweets and drawing in the book. Straight away I feel the content of a child who has just been given what they craved. I feel safe in this den, like a child in his mother’s arms or even in his mother’s womb. Whatever is happening on the outside of this magical place does not concern me. Only the next visitor of the exhibition trying to enter the narrow space brings me back to reality and gets me to crawl back out of the space which I am reluctant to leave, not only because of the comfort but also because it feels like it belongs to me now.” – Teresa Reichert